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Black History Writing Paper CD-ROM, 2nd Edition

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Subjects this CD:

24th & 25th Infantries
Abraham Hannibal, Russian General
Akhenaton, Egyptian Pharaoh
Alessandro dei Medici, Duke of Florence
Alexander Dumas, Great Writer
Alexander Petion, Haitian President
Alexander Sergevitch Pushkin, Literary Great
Antonio Maceo, Cuban Freedom Fighter
Arnold Schultz, Godfather of Bluegrass
Arthur Alfonso Schomburg, Black Historian
Bayard Rustin, Human Rights Activist
Benjamin “Pap” Singleton, Trailblazer
Bernardino Rivadavia, Argentine President
Bill Pickett, Rodeo Star
Bishop Henry M. Turner, Black Activist
Black Leaders of Early Rome
Boley, Oklahoma, Black Town
Buddy Bolden, Founding Father of Jazz
Captain Cudjoe, Jamaican Maroon Chief
Carlos Cooks, Black Nationalist
Cetewayo, Zulu King
Chancellor Williams, Historian/Author
Charles Turner, Zoologist/Inventor
Charlotte Sophia, Queen of England
Cheikh Anta Diop, Pioneer Egyptologist
Christian A. Fleetwood, Civil War Hero
Dr. David  R. Hedgley, Jr., Father of 3D Graphics
Dr. Jane Cooke Wright, Chemotherapy Pioneer
Dr. Patricia E. Bath, Ophthalmologic Surgeon/Inventor
Dr. Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., Economic Hero of 9/11
Dred Scott, Dehumanized Historical Figure
Esop, Fable Teller
Estevanico, Explorer
Felix Eboue, Great Statesman
Frantz Fanon, French Psychiatrist/Revolutionary Writer
Gen. Alexander Dumas, Commander of Napoleon’s Cavalry
Gen. Alfred A. Dodds, French General
George H. Kydd, Aerospace Pioneer
George Washington, Founder of Centralia
Hatshepsut, First Woman Ruler
Henrique Dias, Ex-slave Warrior
Henry Thomas Sampson, Cell Phone Pioneer
Hubert Harrison, Intellectual
Imari Obadele, Father of the Modern Reparations Movement
Imhotep, Father of Medicine
Isaac Wallace Johnson, African Labor Leader
J.A. Rogers, Black Historian
James Pierson Beckwourth, Trailblazer
Jean Jacques Dessalines, Liberator of Haiti
Joachim Murat, King of Naples
John B. Russwurm, Publisher/Activist
John VI, King of Portugal
Joseph Hayne Rainey, Congressman
Khama, King of Bechuanaland

Los Angeles, California, Black Founding Members

Maggie Lena Walker, First Woman Bank President
Manuel Carlos Piar, Venezuelan General
Mark Dean, Computer Innovator
Martin R. Delany, Father of Black Nationalism
Mary Ellen Pleasant, Philanthropist/ Activist
Mary Seacole, Greatest Black Britain
Menelik II, King of Abyssinia
Moors of Europe
Moshesh, Basuto King
Mulai Ismael, Sultan of Morocco
Nat Love, “Deadwood Dick,” First Cowboy
New York City, Built on the Backs of Black Slaves
Nzingha, Queen of Matamba
Olaudah Equiano (Gustavus Gassa), Author/Abolitionist
Original Greek Gods
Otis Boykin, Inventor of Pacemaker
Philip Emeagwali, A Father of the Internet
Prince Hall, Organizer
Queen Mother Audley E. Moore, Warrior for Human Rights & Reparations
Queen Tiye, Nubian Queen of Ancient Egypt
Richard Allen, Organizer
Samory Touré, King of Bissandugu
Seti The Great, Egyptian Pharaoh
Shotgun Houses, Black Architecture
Silas Purnell, The Chicago’s “King of Education”
Sissieretta Jones, America’s Leading Prima Donna
St. Maurice of Aganaum, Saint of Germany
Taharka, Egyptian King
The Buddhas, Black Origins
Thotmes III, Egyptian Pharaoh
Timbuktu, Africa’s Intellectual Center
Toussaint L’Ouverture, Master of Haiti
Tulsa, Oklahoma, First Airbombed City
Ulises Heureaux, Dictator of Santa Domingo
Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., U.S. Navy
Vincent Guerrero, Mexican Liberator
William Grant Still, Dean of Black Composers
William Joseph Seymour,  Co-founder of Modern Pentecostalism
William A. Leidesdorff, First Black Millionaire
William Monroe Trotter, Black Leader
William Tillman, Union Navy Hero
William Wells Brown, Writer/Freedom Fighter
Yakub Al Mansur, Spain’s Greatest Moorish Ruler
Yusuf I, Sultan of Africa
Zumbi dos Palmares, The Slave King

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